Credit Saint Review

Reviewed by: Raymond Spurgeon
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Affordable monthly rates
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Free consultations offered

BBB Rating: A+

Setup fee: $99

Monthly fee: $79.99 and above

Credit Saint is a popular credit repair company in the United States. Our review will shed light on how the company operates, how trustworthy and effective it is, what the Credit Saint cost is, and answer other questions you may have about them if you’re considering their services to help you escape a sticky situation. But why are these repair services necessary in the first place? How do people get to this point? You may have a personal story, such as job loss or expensive medical bills, but the major reason people end up with poor credit is a lack of knowledge or understanding about what credit is and how it works.

Millions of people use credit without really knowing what it means, and this can have some staggering effects on their financial health. A credit card is not free money, but so many people spend without considering their limits. Oftentimes, if someone has run out of space on one card, they switch to another one without understanding the implications of spending way above their income level. Some people take out loans with no plan on how to pay them back. Others choose to not pay their bills thinking they can ignore it and it will go away. All of these bad habits can result in a very low score with little to no chance of correcting it without years of hard work. Or, you can let an experienced repair service handle it for you.

What is Credit Saint?

Credit Saint is a BBB accredited credit repair service founded in 2004 in New Jersey. The company is a popular choice due to its low to average monthly rates as well as its A+ BBB rating. They offer free phone consultations as well as straightforward online signups for convenience. There are three packages to choose from, each with its own aggressiveness rating depending on how much help you need. One of their most unique offerings is their 90-day money-back guarantee which provides a full refund to customers who don’t have any negative items eligible for removal within the first 90 days of service, or two 45-day cycles.

Credit Saint services

Credit Saint complaints are few and far between thanks to this service guarantee: you won’t pay for what you don’t use, and they promise that you’ll see improvements in your score thanks to their services or you’ll get your money back. They are also one of the best in the industry for credit monitoring since every single package they offer includes an Experian score tracker as well as once-per-cycle reports delivered straight to your door so you’re kept up-to-date on your progress.

Pros and Cons of Credit Saint

No service can be perfect, and there are always disadvantages and advantages to choosing one company over another. It’s important to have an objective and unbiased analysis of the company you’re considering, so we’ll look at the good and the bad of Credit Saint.


These are the main benefits of choosing this service:

  • Regularly updated reports and constant monitoring with every package
  • 90-day money-back guarantee for assurance of value for your dollar
  • The first-work fee is waived for household members signing up as well
  • Most customers see improvement in as little as 45 days
  • One of the only BBB accredited credit repair companies with an A+ rating to boot
  • One of the lowest priced basic packages industry-wide
  • Simple online signup for their services is more convenient than many other companies
  • Credit Saint customer service is one of the best in the industry

Credit Saint pros


Here are the drawbacks of partnering with this service:

  • Upfront Credit Saint fees are more expensive compared to industry pricing standards for first work fees
  • Their services are unavailable in South Carolina, Georgia, and Kansas

How Does Credit Saint Work?

This is a very simple service to use. Before you get started with the signup process, you have the option of beginning with a free consultation to discuss your score, report, and goals. On this call, you’ll be informed of how exactly they can help improve your situation. You’ll also receive advice about how to maintain your improved score once your negative items have been removed from your report.

The first thing you’ll have to do when signing up is to choose the package that best matches your current credit score and the number of challenges you would like to have based on the status of your report. There are three aggressiveness options to choose from: Credit Polish with a medium aggressiveness, Credit Remodel with a high aggressiveness, and Clean Slate with a very high aggressiveness. The polish package offers 5 challenges per dispute cycle (45 days) while the clean slate package offers unlimited challenges until your report is clear of inaccurate or unfair negative items.

Once you’ve chosen a package and signed up online, they’ll begin making challenges to the three credit bureaus as well as your creditors to have unverified or inaccurate items removed from your report. Credit Saint provides incredibly personalized service in this area with custom dispute letters instead of the industry-standard form letters used by many other companies. These letters will address the nuances of your specific situation to serve you better and achieve faster improvements to your score. Depending on your package, they will dispute everything from charge-offs and late payments to repossessions and bankruptcies that have more impact on your credit health.

This company follows a cyclical schedule for disputes and report monitoring. Each cycle lasts 45 days and depending on the package you’ve chosen, you’ll have 5 or more challenges every cycle to clear your report in just a few months. After each cycle, they will check your report to make sure that the successful challenges have been removed from your report and that your score is improving. They will continue to analyze your report and evaluate your progress every 45 days to ensure that you’re seeing improvements due to their efforts. Once you’re happy with your score, you can cancel with no hassle.

Credit Saint Prices

Credit Saint prices are average for the industry, but they have one of the most affordable packages available. The Credit Polish package only costs $79.99 per month, which is significantly lower than most other companies’ basic package prices. The second-tier package is the Credit Remodel at $99.99 per month. The most expensive package is the Clean Slate package priced at $119.99 per month.

Of course, the polish, remodel, and clean slate packages also come with First Work Fees of $99.00, $99.00, and $195.00 respectively. However, when you consider that your investment is protected by the Credit Saint money back guarantee, these prices don’t seem very high at all – especially since these services can save you thousands in interest on a large loan.

Credit Saint packages

Best Alternatives to Credit Saint

The only way to accurately compare Credit Saint to other companies is to take a look at what those other companies actually offer. To provide a comprehensive look at the industry, we’ll check at Sky Blue,, Lexington Law, and the DIY credit repair route.

Sky Blue

Sky Blue is similarly affordable to Credit Saint with a minimum monthly fee of $79.00 for their most basic package. They do not offer the same tiers that most other companies do, but there are multiple add-ons to choose from if you need more from their services. They are one of the few companies that don’t charge any First Work Fees upon signup, so they are a more budget-friendly option. Their services are not as aggressive but they do offer up to 15 challenges every 35 days, which is significantly faster than most first- and second-tier packages offered in the industry. is a less trustworthy company since they have less transparency in pricing and while the Credit Saint BBB score is impressive, is not accredited at all.’s most basic package begins at $69.95, making it one of the cheapest in the industry and more affordable than Credit Saint by about $10. However, they have a lower success rate than many other companies, so the value of the service is still lower than the more expensive packages. does have a significant online library of resources for people looking to better their habits, so they are one of the most user-friendly options.

Lexington Law

Lexington Law is a bit different from other companies in that they are a law firm specializing in credit repair. Their packages are a bit pricier with a range of $89.95 to $129.95, but their expertise and highly personalized services make them one of the most popular choices in the United States. With extended customer service hours and unlimited advice about personal finance, they are one of the best educational resources for maintaining your score after their work is complete.

DIY Credit Repair

Of course, there’s also the DIY credit repair route, though it isn’t recommended. While it is possible to challenge your negative items yourself, the odds of doing something wrong or ineffectively are incredibly high. You will have much greater success by choosing a professional company who has experience in this area. If you’d rather try out this DIY process first, you’ll need to obtain your credit reports from all three bureaus and identify all incorrect information, such as incorrectly reported late payments, charges that aren’t yours, or debts sent to collections.

Founding Year Services Offered Customer Service Touchpoints Applicable Fees
Lexington Law 2003 Credit repair, credit monitoring, financial planning, and identity theft protection Email, phone, and a mobile app $0 upfront

$89.95 – $129.95 per month 1997 Credit repair and monitoring, disputes, personal financial tools Customer portal, phone, and email $69.95 – $119.95 upfront

$69.95 – $119.95

per month

Sky Blue 1989 Credit repair and monitoring, debt validation, and management Phone, client portal, and email $0 upfront

$79 per month

Credit Saint 2004 Credit monitoring and repair, financial planning Email, client portal, and phone $99.00 – $195.00 upfront

$79.99 – $119.99 per month

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They can remove all unverifiable, inaccurate, unfair, incomplete, misleading, or biased negative items from your report. This can include bankruptcies, foreclosures, late payments, charge-offs, repossessions, liens, and a bunch more. Essentially, any negative items that shouldn’t be on your report can be removed.

Yes, Credit Saint is one of the most trusted and legitimate credit repair companies in the United States. If we look at the Better Business Bureau Credit Saint score, it is clear that they are a legitimate company since the BBB does not hand out A+ ratings to companies that haven’t earned a trusted reputation. It is also very easy to find the Credit Saint mailing address, customer service number, pricing plans, and more on their site. Transparency is always a good sign of a legitimate company.

Yes, it really works. In fact, nearly all customers report an improvement in their score in the first 45 days. Not only do they deliver effective services, but they are also incredibly efficient. It will only take a few months before you see drastic improvements in your score, especially if you’ve chosen one of the more aggressive packages with more challenges every month. However, for their services to work long-term, you’ll need to listen to their advice about how to maintain healthy finances after their work is done. Just by looking at online Credit Saint reviews 2021, you’ll have all the proof you need that their services are effective.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we highly recommend choosing Credit Saint. They are a very trustworthy company with an excellent track record for removing negative items quickly and permanently. They are priced fairly in relation to industry standards and offer friendly customer service if you have questions or are beginning your repair journey. There are very few drawbacks to choosing Credit Saint, and you’re guaranteed to see improvements in your score and financial health by partnering with this company.