Reviewed by: Raymond Spurgeon
  • Free no-obligation 10-minute credit analysis consulting
  • Personal online dashboard and mobile/tablet apps
  • TransUnion credit monitoring with text/email alerts
  • Three tiers of services

BBB Rating: D

Setup fee: $14.99

Monthly fee: $99.95

Our review of 2021 will take a look at what exactly the company does, how much it costs, the advantages and disadvantages of choosing, plus will provide an objective evaluation of their effectiveness. We’ve evaluated reviews, services, and reputation to determine their quality. But, why would someone need credit repair services in the first place?

Well, we aren’t taught much of anything about borrowing money in school, but sometimes our parents know even less than we do about how to handle credit, how to improve it, or even what a credit score is. Whether a result of lack of knowledge or due to unfortunate circumstances curbing cash flow, poor credit can have a dramatic effect on your everyday life. You may not be able to purchase a home or car, you may be paying more in interest or struggle to be approved for a loan, and may even have debt collectors spamming your phone. Even if you know you have a problem with bad credit/high debt, knowing how to fix those issues is another matter altogether.

That’s where comes in to save the day. They offer comprehensive credit repair services that can change your financial outlook for the better.

What is is a professional credit repair service that’s been in operation since 1997. Their brand centers on addressing the story behind bad credit and improving clients’ interactions with credit, whereas many other services simply dispute negative items and call it a day. Though based in Seattle, WA, they offer their repair services to citizens nationwide. They partner with TransUnion to offer accurate reporting while they work to improve your credit through disputes as well as engendering positive financial habits.

This company is proven to be an effective operator in helping clients overcome credit issues, improve credit scores, acquire debt solutions, and gain a firm foundation for financial independence and health.

Pros and Cons of

As with any service, you should know what you’re getting before you sign up and agree to payments, whether one-time or recurring. We’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of working with this company so you can determine if is right for you.


Here are the main benefits of cooperation with the service:

  • Ongoing credit monitoring in top two packages
  • The educational library includes videos, free and in-depth information about credit and personal finance, and intuitive calculators
  • Three service levels available for all budgets and requirements
  • Free credit evaluation
  • Couples receive a combined $100 discount when signing up together
  • Goals are met in 4 months on average for most customers
  • Established reputation in the industry makes them trustworthy

Creditrepair pros


Let us list some disadvantages we have come across while reviewing

  • Pricey initial fees
  • Not available in all locations: you can only check your access to their service by putting in your address on the website
  • No money-back guarantee, which many other companies offer in case they can’t remove any items from your report
  • Limited monthly disputes mean it will take longer to see results – you end up paying more to reach your goal
  • The average item removal rate

How Does Work?

The process of credit repair is fairly straightforward; disputes negative items on your credit report that are deemed questionable for any reason – inaccuracies, unverified status, or objective unfairness. They analyze your report, pinpoint negative items that should be challenged or disputed, and then make contact with the three major credit bureaus as well as your creditors to have errors removed and debts cleared.

The process begins with a free, no-obligation consultation to determine your status and goals for your overall financial health. There are two options for signup: directly on the website through a customer portal or via phone by talking to a representative. You’ll have a choice between three service levels ranging from basic to aggressive repair services. Depending on your credit score and end goals, one package will be a better fit than the others, and a representative can help you choose if you’re unsure.

Once you’ve signed up and paid your initial fee, the dispute process will begin. First, obtains your three credit reports from Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian to search for any discrepancies that are negatively affecting your credit score. They will then make contact with each credit bureau to dispute the native item and have it removed from your report. Simultaneously, reaches out to all of your creditors and challenges any unjust items to clean up your report. Once the disputes reach their conclusion, they will confirm that those entries have been successfully removed from your report.

Beyond the disputing process to improve your credit score, offers a variety of educational resources that target the root of the problem. Their resources on identity theft, debt solutions, understanding credit scores, and a multitude of other personal finance topics help their clients improve their financial health through positive changes in their spending habits, attitudes, and beliefs.

Through your entire credit repair journey, you will have access to a personal online dashboard that sets you up with all the tools you’ll need to be successful. These tools include:

  • text and email alerts,
  • a credit score tracker,
  • score analysis,
  • connection to experts and representatives qualified to answer any questions you have, and
  • regular credit score updates so you can monitor and visualize your progress.

How Does Work Prices offers three tiers when it comes to pricing for their repair services: Direct, Standard, and Advanced. The Direct package is priced at $69.95 per month as well as an additional $69.95 for what’s known as a “first work fee” for the initial credit report pull. The Standard package costs $99.95 per month with an initial first work fee of $99.95. The Advanced package runs at $119.95 with a first work fee of $119.95. Prices

Largely due to the first work fee, is one of the most expensive options out there in terms of credit repair services. Though the higher-tier packages do include additional services that drive up the value of the said package, it is still a costly investment in the betterment of your credit score. Of course, when discussing price, it’s essential to include a discussion of the value and effectiveness of each plan to determine which plan is more valuable – paying less for minimal results ends up being more expensive than higher upfront costs for effective, lasting improvement.

Since the Advanced package includes extensive features like identity theft protection and monthly score updates, along with additional disputes/challenges to the credit bureaus and all lower-tier services included, it is the best value for your dollar when looking at the big picture. While the fees are higher than many other companies, the benefits far outweigh the initial cost of getting started.

Best Alternatives to

Since there are a few credit repair complaints targeted at, you should be aware that there are several other great options out there that rank highly for credit repair services. We’ll briefly take a look at Lexington Law, Credit Saint, and Sky Blue.

Lexington Law

Lexington Law has over a decade of experience in the industry and is slightly more expensive than the cost at $89.95 per month for the basic package, $109.95 per month for the mid-level package, and $129.95 per month for their PremierPlus package. They offer very personalized service and have extended customer service hours so you can get the help you need without too much hassle. They also offer access to a wealth of knowledge about credit repair, loans, credit cards, credit bureaus, and other personal finance topics.

Credit Saint

It is another viable option if you’re looking for reliability. They have an A+ rating that’s lasted over a decade, and they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if there are no removals after two cycles (90 days). They have similar high-priced first work fees but their lowest plan is only $79.99 per month. Credit Saint offers a free consultation and evaluation with expert financial advisors to build trust and show you the possible results of their services.

Sky Blue

Lastly, Sky Blue is one of the top credit repair companies and is also one of the most affordable. They do not have any upfront first work fees and offer their services for a low price of $79 without any additional fees for credit monitoring, credit pulls, or other add-on services. They have a truly exceptional customer service team and rate of success; you’ll receive up to 15 disputes every 35 days for faster results than average.

Founding Year Services Offered Customer Service Touchpoints Applicable Fees
Lexington Law 2003 Credit repair, credit monitoring, financial planning, and identity theft protection Email, phone, and a mobile app $0 upfront

$89.95 – $129.95 per month

Credit Saint 2006 Credit monitoring, credit repair, and financial planning Email, client portal, and phone $99.00 – $195.00 upfront

$79.99 – $119.99 per month

Sky Blue 1989 Credit repair, credit monitoring, and debt validation and management Phone, client portal, and email $0 upfront

$79 per month 1997 Credit repair, credit monitoring, disputes, personal financial tools Customer portal, phone, and email alerts $69.95 – $119.95 upfront

$69.95 – $119.95 per month

Learn more about the best credit repair services offered.

FAQ removes any unfair, inaccurate, or unverified items from your credit report. Known as negative items, collections, bankruptcies, charge-offs, repossessions, liens, and late payments can all be taken off your report to improve your score. There must be a provable unfairness when challenging these negative items, but those who acquired negative items on their report through a divorce, medical or student debt, military leave, or identity theft all qualify for removal.

One of the biggest concerns we get asked is, “Is safe?” The answer is yes, they are. Regardless of their lack of accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, this company has developed long-standing relationships with key players in the industry, such as TransUnion and Equifax, and has almost a decade’s worth of proven results.

They may not be as trustworthy as other companies with accreditation, but they are legitimate. reviews are generally positive and speak to a valuable industry presence as well. Plus, 24/7 support offered by access to their credit repair customer service number provides a sense of confidence in the company’s legitimacy and proper business operations.

Yes, it does. helps tens of thousands of people every year with significant increases in their credit scores. By disputing negative items and having them removed, scores are guaranteed to go up – this is the model of repair that every other company follows. So long as you give the service the necessary time to be effective, you’ll see improvements in your score within a few months. The site also boasts an average increase of 40 points within four months for the average member using their services.

Final Thoughts

Overall, is a solid choice if you’re looking for a company with proven results both for repairing bad credit and setting customers up for a successful financial future. They offer meaningful services including identity theft protection and 24/7 credit monitoring for stress-free improvement.

However, they are not BBB accredited and are fairly costly compared to some other companies with higher success rates. is certainly worthy of consideration, but it is not the best or only option available to you.