The Credit Pros Review

Reviewed by: Raymond Spurgeon
  • Affordable basic package for a single negative item removal
  • Unlimited disputes in Success package
  • Free personal consultations with a Certified FICO Professional
  • Legal representation available as well

BBB Rating: A-

Setup fee: $19

Monthly fee: $69 – $149

Whether you’re 18 or 48, personal finances can be hard. We all experience bad times, whether due to poor financial management skills or unfortunate circumstances. No matter your reason for requiring help, you need to know that you can trust the credit repair company you choose to help you get back on track.  The Credit Pros reviews in 2021 are encouraging so far, and our analysis of The Credit Pros reviews will help you better understand what this company can do for you, how they operate, the advantages and disadvantages of partnering with them, and the alternatives you have if you feel there’s a better fit out there for your unique situation. We’ll conduct a thorough examination and evaluation of The Credit Pros legal credit repair services so you’re fully informed when moving forward with their service.

We’ll investigate how effective this service is for a variety of scores, we’ll summarize the results you can expect to achieve and how quickly you can achieve them, and we’ll (hopefully) answer all of the questions you currently have about The Credit Pros and what your journey will look like with them. Fortunately, they are one of the nation’s top credit repair companies with outstanding ratings, testimonials, and results. Let’s get started.

What is The Credit Pros?

The Credit Pros was founded in 2009 in New Jersey by a credit attorney that wanted to do more to help people fix their bad credit and get their finances – and their life – back on track. They offer a variety of repair programs that are designed to help people at all levels of financial hardship. They are incredibly focused on client-centered services with an emphasis on convincing stubborn creditors to give you a break.

They have a number of perks that set them apart from the competition, such as unlimited disputes without restrictions for dispute cycles and education for better financial health going forward. This firm is a financial technology firm that works hard to ensure that its clients don’t commit the same credit mistakes in the future.

What is The Credit Pros

Pros and Cons of The Credit Pros

The only way to have an accurate picture of a company is to look at both the pros and cons of their service. We’ll list the advantages and disadvantages of The Credit Pros so that you can make an informed and educated choice about whether they’re right for you or not.


Here is the good of this service:

  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • User-friendly user portal for 24/7 access to experts and educational tools
  • Transparent pricing
  • Free consultations with FICO expert
  • Excellent customer service with live online chat
  • A- BBB rating
  • Credit monitoring is standard (identity theft protection)
  • Educational resources
  • The Credit Pros sign-up is very easy
  • Mobile app for progress monitoring at any time, any place

Pros and Cons of The Credit Pros


Here is the bad of this service:

  • No 24/7 phone support
  • The lowest package only includes one credit dispute
  • Somewhat spammy email and text communications
  • Not as much experience as many other services available
  • High upfront costs
  • The Credit Pros client reviews are mixed

How Does The Credit Pros Work?

The Credit Pros have 4 packages to choose from, though their most basic package is only for CreditSentry monitoring and not any disputes or repair/building work. The three main packages offered are money management, prosperity package, and success package. After your free consultation, you’ll pick a package to sign up with depending on the state of your score and the number of items you’d like to have removed from your report. Once the sign-up process is complete, you will gain access to a 24/7 portal for your convenience. Within 60 days, you’ll receive your reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion so that you can send them to your team and start having items removed.

If you don’t need any repair work done and only want to monitor your credit to protect against identity theft or for your own knowledge, the CreditSentry Monitoring plan is right for you. If you’re coming to this company for meaningful change, one of the other packages will be better. The Money Management program offers access to the TCP legal network as well as your choice between the Avalanche and Snowball systems for only one negative item removal. The Prosperity and Success packages are very similar, but the Success package includes unlimited disputes and is the best choice for people facing ramifications of identity theft or years of buildup.

The Credit Pros are a bit unique from other companies in that they offer two systems for handling debt: The Snowball System and the Avalanche System. These two systems are essentially opposites, but both work to help you manage your debt in a smart, systematic, organized way. With Snowball, you’ll pay off your debts starting with the smallest sum and continue to your largest amount owing. With Avalanche, you’ll begin with the debt charging you the highest interest rate and work your way to the lowest interest rate. The avalanche method is the best choice for saving money in interest payments over the long term, but the Snowball method is more manageable for many people since they feel success early by getting rid of smaller debts quickly.

The Credit Pros Prices

The Credit Pros plans are priced a bit higher than average for the industry. The Credit pros cost ranges from $19 per month to $149 per month with upfront fees tacked on as well. The credit monitoring package is $19 upfront and $19 per month. The money management package is $119 upfront and $69 per month. The Prosperity package is $119 upfront and $119 per month. The Success package is $149 upfront and $149 per month.

The Credit Pros monthly fee

As you can see, The Credit Pros monthly fee for each package is higher than average except for the money management package, though given that customers only receive one dispute, it has a lower value than the other more expensive options.

Best Alternatives to The Credit Pros

In order for you to have an accurate picture of how they compare to the competition, we’ll briefly investigate Lexington Law, Sky Blue, and Credit Saint to evaluate how The Credit Pros stack up.

Lexington Law

Lexington Law services are a bit more affordable at the top of the scale but more expensive at the bottom of the scale. Their packages range from $89.95 and $129.95, which is a smaller difference between package prices than we see with The Credit Pros. We see the similarity in services between the two since Lexington Law is another legal-based company offering high-quality and practiced expertise for repairing credit. They are one of the best for access to educational resources and preparing their clients for healthier financial futures.

Sky Blue

Sky Blue operates a bit differently in terms of package style and pricing. They are one of the most affordable options in the United States with a low monthly fee of $79 and no tiered packages offering varying levels of service. They also don’t have any charges upfront – one of the few in the industry. They do not offer unlimited disputes but do have a competitive reach of 15 challenges every 35 days, making them quite efficient at improving customers’ scores.

Credit Saint

Credit Saint is one of the best alternatives. Their pricing is competitive with packages ranging from $79.99 to $119.99. Their upfront costs are high as well, but their success rates and client ratings are incredible, promising top-level services and effective assistance no matter which package you choose. They are one of the only companies to also have a 90-day money-back guarantee in case nothing can be removed from a customer’s report, making them one of the trustworthy competitors.

Founding Year Services Offered Customer Service Touchpoints Applicable Fees
Lexington Law 2003 Credit repair, credit monitoring, financial planning, and identity theft protection Email, phone, and a mobile app $0 upfront

$89.95 – $129.95 per month

Sky Blue 1989 Credit repair and monitoring, debt validation, and management Phone, client portal, and email $0 upfront

$79 per month

Credit Saint 2004 Credit monitoring and repair, financial planning Email, client portal, and phone $99.00 – $195.00 upfront

$79.99 – $119.99 per month

The Credit Pros 2009 Credit monitoring and repair, financial planning, debt validation, identity theft protection Email, phone, client portal $119 – $149 upfront

$69.00 – $149.00 per month

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The Credit Pros is a full-service company, so they remove charge-offs, evictions, judgments, late payments, and so much more. The Credit Pros line of credit services can help you remove lines of credit debt, loan debt, and more with debt consolidation help and two debt management options. In short, they can remove any unverified, inaccurate, false, unfair, or otherwise unjustified negative items from your report.

Yes. The Credit Pros BBB rating is an A- and they are transparent about pricing, hours, customer service lines, and complaints are few in number. Though they’ve only been in business for about 12 years, the owner is an experienced attorney and the company is dedicated to being transparent and trustworthy in all client dealings. Their industry experience makes them a very reliable choice.

Yes, clients of The Credits Pros experience great results from the higher tiered packages and the general consensus is that they are worth the money. They offer plans that work for every level of score health and are quite aggressive in their approach, offering legal assistance if required to force stubborn creditors to compromise and remove unfair items. Their services are also effective in the long term since they have a variety of resources and a staff of dedicated and knowledgeable experts that supply clients with everything they need to be successful down the road.

Final Thoughts

Overall, The Credit Pros aren’t the absolutely best choice given their ineffective basic package and higher prices offering less value for your money, but they are a great option for those who believe they will need aggressive assistance or legal support in their financial journey. The Credit Pros credit score improvement track record gives us confidence that all customers will find value with this company. They are trustworthy, dedicated to client service and satisfaction, and are a strong industry presence. We hope you found The Credit Pros review helpful and informative.