Best Credit Repair Companies of 2021

by Raymond Spurgeon
best credit repair companies

A poor credit score can haunt you and ultimately disappoint you when obtaining assets on credit. It also affects you significantly during job hunting or when applying for personal loans.

You can look for credit repair services from providers who help clients shoot up their credit limits. These providers do not eliminate the debts, and it would be an absolute lie for anyone to claim they can help you cancel them. Instead, they assist you in improving your score through proper management.

Although you can do credit repair on your own, enlisting the help of experienced professionals can save you precious time. They also help you recognize loopholes that could possibly be interfering with the mend. Besides, picking a credit repair company requires caution so you can avoid falling victim to vicious scammers.

When using a provider to help you with a credit fix, understand that you will be charged for the service. Each provider has its set costs. You have various options to consider, but certain credit mend firms are outstanding. Every service claims to be great, but some providers truly deliver exceptional services. Let’s look at some of the best credit repair companies in 2021.

Top 7 Best Credit Repair Companies in 2021

If you are unsure where to begin in your credit repair company selection, here is a list of great options in 2021:

  • Credit Saint
  • Lexington Law
  • Sky Blue
  • The Credit Pros
  • The Credit People
  • Ovation

To help you understand why these providers are worth it, we will look at the nature of services provided, cost, reviews, and other relevant information.

Credit Saint

Credit Saint

BBB Rating: A+

Setup fee: $99

Monthly fee: $79.99 and above

Credit Saint was created in 2004. It has been offering A-plus services to its clients ever since. Its credit fix services are custom-tailored to ensure they tackle your woes. There is a 90-day money-back surety provided if they fail to deliver.

After signing up, you get welcome consultation and credit analysis services. These services aim to look at the negative fixes that might have been erroneously recorded and are weighing down your score. Yes, some recordings that could be weighing down your score should never have been there in the first place. These are some of the issues Credit Saint helps you identify and resolve.

Credit Saint is super responsive. You do not have to keep following up on the status of your credit mend. Instead, you are updated every 45 days, as agreed upon during registration.  Consulting with the company is easy because you can submit your credentials online to get the process moving. You are offered three distinct bundles: polish, remodel, and clean slate. The package that offers the best results is the clean slate.

Pros of using Credit Saint

  • No fee on consultation
  • 90-day money surety
  • Personalized offerings
  • Responsive customer support


  • No live chat support
  • High setup fees

Lexington Law

lexington law

BBB Rating: C

Setup fee: $99

Monthly fee: $89.95 – $129.95

Since its founding in 2004, Lexington Law has earned a reputation as one of the best credit repair companies. It has served thousands of customers and removed millions of deleterious items affecting their scores. The firm comprises experienced lawyers working in different states.

When contracting this firm, you should not expect instant credit mend. Due to high demand, service delivery may be delayed. However, the professionals keep you engaged to assure you that they are working on your case. On average, you will start experiencing changes within six months.

The monthly fee varies and is divided into three tiers: Premier Plus ($129.95), Concord Premier ($109.95), and Concord Standard ($89.95). Before handling your case, Lexington Law looks at the errors in your credit first. If there are only a few, the firm teaches you how to fix them in a DIY style, which saves you time and money.

Consultation is free of charge, and after your credit is clear of conflicting items, the provider teaches you how to avoid such issues in the future. Besides, there are a variety of discounts available, which is rare with good credit repair companies.

Pros of Using Lexington Law

  • Free report after first credit session
  • Licensed lawyers
  • Online credit mend educational resources
  • Many discounts
  • Experienced professionals


  • Slow service

Sky Blue Credit Repair

sky blue credit repair

BBB Rating: C

Setup fee: $79

Monthly fee: $79

Sky Blue, founded in 1989, is one of the top credit repair companies due to its ease of use and high client satisfaction. Clients do not need to dig deeper into their pockets for quality offerings. The firm provides an all-inclusive package at a reasonable monthly fee.

Another exciting feature about this cheap credit repair service option is you can pause it whenever you want. That is, you do not have to endure cumulative billing or lose your report if you cannot afford the recurring once-a-month fee.

Credit repair reviews from clients that have used this service are incredible. Although the firm has a 90-day money-back guarantee, clients rarely need to request their money. Based on the low monthly fee, it is easy to assume the firm does not offer standard services, but that is absolutely wrong.

This credit repair specialist does not focus on making sales. Instead, it makes sure to provide you with the best support to eliminate erroneous negative items. You should know that like other companies, Sky Blue does not help you cancel your debt. Also, because credit scores are all different, you will not be given an exact timeframe of how long yours will take to get repaired.

Pros of working with Sky Blue Credit Repair

  • Affordable credit repair packages
  • You do not get billed when you pause the service
  • Free online educational resources
  • Easy to enroll
  • Ninety-day money-back pledge


  • Poor communication

BBB Rating: D

Setup fee: $14.99

Monthly fee: $99.95 has upheld its reputable credit repair services since its creation in 2012. It helps you to mend your score without complicating the process. Services are available online and can be accessed using any mobile device. You enjoy a free 10-minute consultation with specialists when you pick this firm for your credit mend.

There are three monthly price categories: direct ($69.95), standard ($99.95), and advanced ($119.95). These packages are designed to cater to customers with varying budgets. They are also dependent on the number of undesirable additions in your credit report. If there are few errors in your report, your price will be low.

Besides helping you restore your credit score, the provider also enables you to maintain it afterward. The resource center is rich with info and accessible online. The provider ensures your files are safe, giving you confidence when sharing them for credit report generation.

You can track how is mending your credit through your online dashboard. This eliminates the anxiety of waiting for an email update. The firm restores your credit score within six months of registration.

Pros of Working with

  • Easy and powerful registration process
  • Free credit review
  • Credit advice from the experts
  • Over 1.5 million negative fixes cleared


  • The company does not specify who its experienced experts are

Credit Pros

The Credit Pros

BBB Rating: A-

Setup fee: $19

Monthly fee: $69 – $149

Credit Pros is a trusted credit repair firm with comprehensive financial tools to assist with repairing your credit. Upon signing up, you are assigned a FICO professional for one-time access to assist you with the mend.

Credit Pros gives assurances for its offerings. You are assured of information privacy, unrestricted cancellation, and professional and prompt services. You are not obliged to continue using the service if it is no longer relevant. To avoid end service disappointment, the provider does not promise you any specific results, which is an honest way of dealing with clients.

Consultation is free. Credit Pros offers a chat feature to facilitate prompt responses. The credit repair cost is divided into four sets because of the extensive services offered. The bundles range from $19 to $149 monthly. For $19 a month, you can enjoy services in the credit sentry set. It’s $119 for the money management or prosperity set and $149 for the success set.

When your score improves but you are left untrained, it’s easy to fall into the same pitfalls as you did in the past, leading to a vicious cycle of bad credit scores. This credit repair law firm educates you on how to have a fulfilling life with an incredible credit score.

Pros of Working with Credit Pros

  • Comprehensive financial tools
  • Transparent
  • Affordable credit repair
  • Professional
  • Provides many solutions
  • Live chat available


  • Limited services in credit sentry package

The Credit People

The Credit People

BBB Rating: C+

Setup fee: $19

Monthly fee: $79

The Credit People boast over 15 years of experience, providing credit solutions to thousands of clients. Over the years, those that have used its services have managed to be approved for refinancing, home mortgages, new credit, car loans, and much that a poor credit score hinders. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee.

The Credit People offer only one membership package, which guarantees credit repair. This means you don’t have to weigh multiple packages. With this package, you can either pay monthly ($79) or as a one-off fee ($419), which gets you six months of service.

You can book a free meeting if you are not certain about your credit rating. During the call, you are acquainted with the process of repairing bad credit and the accompanying guarantee. After you are content and ready to continue signing up, you can start enjoying access to your reports online any time you want. You do not have to wait for emails with results.

The Credit People offer fast credit repair services and promise to deliver within 60 days. There are just over 200 reviews for Credit People, most of whom seem happy with the services they received.

Pros of Using Credit People

  • Fast
  • Free consultation
  • Service assurance
  • An all-inclusive package
  • Low setup fee


  • No financial management tools

Ovation Credit Services

Ovation Credit Services

BBB Rating: A+

Setup fee: $89

Monthly fee: $79 – $109

Ovation provides some of the best credit mend offerings in the business. Since its incorporation in 2004, it has helped many people suffering with bad credit scores. Ovation collaborates with creditors and bureaus to ensure efficiency in credit fix functions.

Consultation services with the experts are free. Some of this company’s primary services are credit monitoring, correcting credit errors, and providing tools and rich educational resources.

Ovation offers two service packages. You can choose between the Essentials plan that costs $79 and the Essentials plan plus, which costs $109. There are also various discounts available, such as seniors, couples, referrals, and military members.

The customer care department does a marvelous job of ensuring you are satisfied. Services are tailored to suit your debt mend needs. After determining the nature of your credit report, Ovation will assign a personal advisor to you. Your profile is accessible anytime online, and several emails will be sent your way for result confirmation.

Pros of Working with Ovation Credit Services

  • Personalized services
  • Free consultation
  • Multiple discounts
  • Free service cancellation at the desired time


  • No live chat support
  • None of the sets has a credit check (monitoring)

What is Credit Repair?

Credit repair is often used to refer to a service offered by credit fixing companies. The service helps patrons do away with negative inclusions damaging their credit ratings. However, these companies should not be confused with debt canceling services because they don’t offer that. These businesses are governed by the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), which protects customers from exploitation and deception.

Since the credit repair agencies are there to do business, their services are not free. Some offer monthly packages, and others have a credit repair one-time fee. Ideally, they will improve your credit score.  You can then revel in the freedoms that come with an improved score.

How Do Credit Repair Services Work?

No one likes dealing with a bad credit score. Some scores are so low that you likely can’t fix them on your own. Therefore, you may need to pay to fix your credit. So, how do credit repair services really work? Before settling for a service, you ought to have a solid understanding of what to expect during and after delivery.

For the credit repair services providers to understand the extent of your issues, they first have to assess your credit report. This report is usually generated by credit bureaus such as Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. You are eligible to access reports from these bureaus freely each year.

The aim of obtaining the report is to evaluate whether it is correct. Some undesirable fixes may be correct but should not be in the report. Good credit repair companies take quick steps to start clearing them. That is why some clients notice improvements in their scores just a few weeks after registering with a credit repair firm.

A trusted credit repair company looks deep into the accuracy of your report. It assesses details like bankruptcies, charge-offs, foreclosures, late remittances, tax liens, retrievals, identity theft, and more.

After confirming the errors, credit repair companies file disputes as outlined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This dispute is made in writing, highlighting the mistakes on the reports so the bureaus can rectify the errors.

Some service providers may also recommend opening a new credit account, but this can be inefficient and lead to accumulated negative points.

After filing a dispute, the bureau is given 30 days by the law to investigate the claims. The bureau involves your creditor to make the whole process smooth. If the creditor agrees that it erroneously recorded the information, they write to the bureau acknowledging the mistake.

After the investigation, the bureau gives its decision in writing. Your credit repair company should let you know the outcome and share the results with you. This helps in building trust and learning why different items could or could not be removed.

How to Choose a Credit Repair Company?

To repair bad credit, you need to work with legitimate credit repair companies. Scammers are out there marketing their companies right along with legitimate companies. To ensure you are working with a genuine provider, take a few precautions that you will be glad you did later. Here is how to choose the best credit repair companies in 2021:

Company Rating

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an ideal place to find a company’s information. Here, you will find genuine opinions about the business and how it handles complaints. You can find ratings for the best repair companies on BBB.

If a company has not submitted its information to this site or other consumer sites like Trustpilot, you may want to consider other options. At BBB, companies are rated from A to F, with A being the best performers and F being the worst. It is recommended to use companies with excellent or fair ratings.

Top-rated credit repair companies often have a mix of positive and negative reviews. Out of thousands of customers served, it is impossible to satisfy everyone 100%. However, these companies maintain a high ratio of positive to negative reviews, contributing to an overall high score.


A company’s level of experience is paramount, especially when you have many negative items and have failed to remove them on your own. Being new in the market does not necessarily mean a company is bad at its job. But, when you need fast credit repair services, an experienced company is best because this means it has gone through the process many times.

A long-serving company can be identified by the presence of many credit repair reviews from customers over a long period. If a company has been doing business for a long time and customers still keep coming, it must be offering efficient services.

A company with more than 10 years of experience repairing bad credit is a good choice. Besides fixing bad credit, it has been able to remain afloat for all these years. With such companies, it is easier to take their advice seriously because if they can handle thousands of people from different backgrounds, they are likely good strategists.

Customer Service

Your initial encounter with the customer support team pretty much gives you an idea of how you will be served throughout your service period. Legitimate credit repair companies tend to listen to your complaints before offering a solution to you. If the support staff are quick to recommend that you make advance payments for a service they can’t explain, you are better off without their assistance.

The best-rated credit repair companies have responsive customer service. It would be absurd to accept assistance from a company that takes weeks to respond to your emails. This is an indicator of how slow the credit repair is going to be if it happens at all.

Also, consider the ease of reaching the support team. Sometimes, you encounter issues that require immediate attention during the service period. A trusted repair company offers you channels where you can easily reach them, and others exceed your expectations by personalizing it.

Services Offered

It is a big mistake to pay for a service if you do not understand the full extent of its offerings. This is often what leads to customer dissatisfaction even if the company has good qualities. For example, you may be looking to resolve a negative item related to identity theft, but the credit repair company you invest in does not offer this service.


While credit repair agencies are there to make money, some offer discounts to certain groups in society, such as seniors or military veterans. Some offer multiple discounts, which ensures that they reach people of all kinds, regardless of social status.

Discounts come in handy, especially with monthly subscriptions. Applying a discount makes the credit repair cost more affordable so you don’t need to cancel the service. Other companies did not have discount options but had a provision allowing clients to pause the service and continue when they are ready.

For ultimate satisfaction, go through a company’s services. Most credit fixing companies will have their information available online. You can browse this anytime with your mobile device or computer to learn what is offered before purchasing their services.

Also, these services must be legally recognized by the federal government. For example, if a credit repair business offers to improve your credit score through identity fraud, it is not worth working with this company. If anything, you should report it for legal action to be taken against its practices.


Some credit repair companies make unrealistic guarantees such as removing legitimate negative items and promising exact outcomes. They may also demand an upfront payment. Such companies are typically not transparent with you. This is a warning sign that you are going to be disappointed in the end. Such providers cannot remove legitimate negative items.

Some go to the extent of telling you to cheat the system. The idea of seeking services from credit cleanup companies is not to get in trouble with the law. If a company is unwilling to offer services that abide by the law, they can never be transparent with their proceedings, and it would be a bad idea to associate with them.

For transparency reasons, top credit repair companies involve you in the repair process. They will also let you know if you can repair something by yourself instead of trying to make you buy their services because you don’t have an alternative. This helps you build trust with them.

The Methodology for Comparing Credit Repair Services

The credit repair comparison and list compiled here were based on several factors. The main factors include:


The value of service contributes largely to customer satisfaction. We compared credit repair prices with the service delivered. These companies provided their credit repair services from $65 to $150, and according to the reviews left on BBB, many customers had their issues resolved by these companies. We found more happy customers than unsatisfied ones.

We also identified some companies with all-inclusive packages suitable for people with small budgets but who want to get the best services without upgrading.

Customer Support

We evaluated the customer support services for each company as well. While some were exceptionally wonderful, others failed miserably. Most of the companies on our list offer sustainable support that keeps the client engaged throughout the period of service so they know what is happening with their credit. They were also reachable by phone, which is the quickest way to get help or book a consultation.

The communication is consistent with most of these services, and if anything is unclear, their customer support services will clarify it for you without making you jump through hoops. The support systems that failed had defective communication, and the teams seemed unpleasant to deal with.


We checked how efficient these companies were in their service delivery. Although there is no guaranteed credit repair, we looked at whether these services made improvements in most of the cases presented.

We considered the work done by these companies within the service subscription period, and they seemed to be pretty efficient. They managed to remove most of the negative items affecting customers’ scores and allowed them to improve their access to personal loans.

Features and Tools

We looked at the features mentioned by these credit fixing companies. Some of them include monitoring tools, educational resources, services offered, ease of use, discounts, and more. These companies were competitive with their features, some of which they provided for free. The features were accessible and easy to use and understand.

The financial tools help to ensure report accuracy while the educational resources prevent customers from accruing more negative items after the fixing. When doing a credit repair comparison of companies with extra features and tools, they seemed more efficient and fulfilling than companies that offer fewer features and tools.


We based these companies’ stability on the number of years they have been providing their services. All of these companies have at least 10 years of experience. We realized that only a few credit repair companies make it past five years after their founding, and that number continues to decline. This level of experience gives clients confidence that the company will not go out of business before it can resolve their credit issues.


The best credit repair services often get the work done within three to six months. However, some credit scores are affected by items that are easy to fix and can take as little as 30 days. This estimate is for standard credit issues, and if yours has a long history with lots of negative items, it can take you longer and even cost you more.

You can enjoy free credit repair services by choosing to repair yours by yourself. This can take longer than it would have if you had outsourced to the experts. Credit repair, in this case, can be progressive and last up to one year.

Depending on how you manage your credit after the repair, you may find that your credit score is going down again. This does not mean you were scammed, but it means you should be careful with how you handle your credit. That is why the best credit repair companies in 2021 share credit educational resources to help you maintain a good score.

There is no fixed amount for credit repair services. But there are two pricing methods that these companies use. The first, and most popular among the service providers, is a monthly fee. This fee is determined by the package chosen. Most often you will be charged between $50 and $150 per month. Regardless of whether a negative item has been removed or not, your profile gets charged. This may seem unfair to a client, especially when a company is not aggressive enough in getting things done.

The other method is pay per deletion credit repair. This pricing method favors the client because it forces the company to be proactive. It helps you save money because if the service provider does not make any improvement, you get to keep your money and look for another provider at the end of the service period if you like.

You can also get free credit repair if you do it yourself. Individuals can achieve the same results provided by these agencies. Credit repair is not private; the bureaus share the procedures for removing negative items online. If you are keen and enthusiastic enough, it should be easy to repair your credit.

Credit repair companies are recognized by the FTC as legitimate businesses. If you get scammed by any of these companies, you should report your experience to the FTC. Bad business behaviors such as false promises are also not condoned by the commission.

Because you can get scammed in any particular market, the commission advises being vigilant with any provider. Also, if you have the time, consider repairing your credit score without using a third party.

But we are confident that you can comfortably do business with anyone on the list we have provided here. Their legitimacy is proven by the number of years they have been in business, reviews from customers on different customer review sites, and the security measures they have put in place for data protection.

Credit repair companies help in removing negative items from your credit, such as expired items, duplicate accounts, repossessions, tax lieu, and any other inaccurate negative information. If the negative information is accurate, it remains on your record, and there is nothing much these companies can do.

Since most of these companies have lawyers working on resolving credit issues, they are more knowledgeable about the law than the average person. As a result, they create compelling disputes that help in removing the incorrect items and repairing your credit.

It is advisable to do a credit consultation with the company you intend to use. Often, these consultations are free. Here, you will provide your information, such as full name and social security number, for a report analysis that determines how many items need fixing.


Does your credit score prevent you from achieving your dreams, such as mortgage financing or even securing a job? These seven companies can help you increase your chances of achieving those dreams through their credit repair services. Choose any of them and relax as those negative items affecting your credit are removed by the experts.

Raymond Spurgeon
Raymond Spurgeon

Founder and chief editor of Have a master's degree in credit management. 7 years of experience in a credit repair company.